Quality System

Package Integrity – The secret of our Quality
  • Printed sheets - A product is perfect for use when best quality raw material are used to manufacture it. We at Alchaw ensure this by procuring raw materials from the best available sources. This in return ensures complete package integrity for printed sheets. Our long list of customers is a testimony of this.

  • ROPP Caps and seals - A product we consider, is perfectly sealed if it can retain its flavour and original colour for a long period of time. The perfect sealing comes from ‘PACKAGE INTEGRITY’. This works on the principle that no single element can wholly control the efficacy of a perfectly sealed product. Instead, it’s a combination of various elements which affect the overall performance. For example, the performance of a ROPP cap is not solely dependent on its dimensions, but also on the synergy between the glass bottle and the sealing machine. We at Alchaw, ensure this synergy at our customers premises by completely studying all the elements before the supplies commences, thus ensuring complete PACKAGE INTEGRITY. Above all through package integrity we help you achieve peak productivity. In a nutshell, package integrity makes a visible difference not only to the quality of your products but to your profits as well.